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Jack C. Mauer has more than a thirty year investment in fishing, floating and wading the waters of western Montana. He is intimately acquainted with the surrounding fisheries and their corresponding ecologies. It is his passion and enthusiasm for the art of fly fishing, a respect and knowledge of trout habitat, and the ability to expertly instruct the technical aspects of fly fishing that clients appreciate as they return to western Montana and Wapiti Waters. Contact Jack at 800-254-5311.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bitterroot River - IN, then OUT, then IN

Tucker Crossing on May 2Best laid plans: On May 1, Jack had a great day of fishing with John Hickman and Terry Nobles.

Yesterday, May 2, he and I were going to fish - actually scout, but if I get to go along, I get to fish! We pulled into the access and I (and a few other cars) hear Jack yell, "What the heck happened!" As, I look at the river, I see what he means. Water that was gin clear the day before is chocolate brown, muddy as heck. We had looked at the hydrographs and there was no surge in run-off. This meant that a "ditch" up-river had blown and deposited sediment, a lot of sediment, into the river. Jack has a client day today and tomorrow. He was visibly concerned. All we could hope was that somehow, it would clear. It did and Jack is fishing his clients.

In the photo below, taken at the same access early this morning, the water is clear. Maybe it isn't gin clear, but it is very clear and fishable. We are happy campers even though I didn't get my boat fishing in. So that is the 3 day "In, then OUT, then In" story.
Tucker Crossing on May 3

It is a tough business. According to some shuttle drivers, there was a flurry of shuffling guide boats and rigs up, and up, and up river to try to find fishable water on May 2. I hope they found some.

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  1. According to Doug Nation, an irrigation ditch on Lost Horse drainage blew out. A lot of material moved, but fortunately, it was fairly short lived.


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