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Jack C. Mauer has more than a thirty year investment in fishing, floating and wading the waters of western Montana. He is intimately acquainted with the surrounding fisheries and their corresponding ecologies. It is his passion and enthusiasm for the art of fly fishing, a respect and knowledge of trout habitat, and the ability to expertly instruct the technical aspects of fly fishing that clients appreciate as they return to western Montana and Wapiti Waters. Contact Jack at 800-254-5311.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lower Bitterroot River with Dan Pace

Dan Pace with a nice brown trout
It is hard boat time in the lower Bitterroot. Jack fished with Dan Pace of the Florence area and here are some photos. It was a wonderful gray day, great for fishing. I will post one, and then a slide show. To see the gallery, click on the "View Album" link.

OK, after posting this, I wanted to email the blog to Dan and to his son Garrett. I visited Garrett's website to find his email. This inspired me to add a link and some information about Garrett. Let me start by saying Garrett is a good friend (that is how we met Dan) and we have some things in common, most importantly "Music and Fishing." Below is text from Garrett's site and a link. If you love guitars, visit Garrett's site.
Welcome to ! I want to thank all of you for visiting.

My friends keep informing me that this is the lamest website on the Net. Some even insist that if Al Gore knew this was here, he would pull the plug on the whole thing!

Rest assured I continue to seek out the nicest American built instruments that I can find. Eventualy, they all end up here so that I can buy others.

Check out the minty LP Classic and Baker Jr. or the Custom Shop Brian Moore. There should be another one or two nice electrics posting later this week.

If you are looking to sell a Vintage or an American built Guitar, please drop me an email. I pay more than the other guys and I will not offer you half its value if we can work out a trade.

End of excerpt. Visit his site for

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