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Jack C. Mauer has more than a thirty year investment in fishing, floating and wading the waters of western Montana. He is intimately acquainted with the surrounding fisheries and their corresponding ecologies. It is his passion and enthusiasm for the art of fly fishing, a respect and knowledge of trout habitat, and the ability to expertly instruct the technical aspects of fly fishing that clients appreciate as they return to western Montana and Wapiti Waters. Contact Jack at 800-254-5311.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fishing in Pennslyvania - Jim and Garry on Spring and Penn's CreeksFishing in Pennsylvania - Jim and Garry on Spring and Penn's Creeks

Text from Jim: (Thanks Jim for sharing!)
Here are a few pictures from Garry's and my fishing trip earlier this week.

On Wednesday, it was overcast and cool in the morning and then sunny and bright in the afternoon.

1. Palomino trout feeding at Benner Springs on Spring Creek.
2. 13 inch brown I caught on size 18 tan caddis on Spring Creek. I caught another one just like it moments later.
3. Garry landing 15 1/2 inch brown trout on same tan caddis on Spring Creek.

Garry and I fished Spring Creek at Benner Springs from 10 AM until 2 PM. Garry caught 2 fish on bead headed nymphs earlier in the day.When the caddis hatch was out there were lots of trout feeding . But it did not last long and then nothing.

In the afternoon we fished Spring Creek at the McCoy Dam just outside of Milesberg. We fished from 4 PM until 7:30 PM. We each lost a fish as we were landing it. Then just as we were about to leave there was another caddis hatch and I caught 2 brown trout, 12 inches and 10 inches.  Garry had stopped fishing.

On Thursday we fished Penn's Creek at Cheery Run.

4. Garry fishing Penn's Creek.
5. Penn's Creek at Cherry Run.

We fished from 9 AM until 11:30 AM. The entire time we fished, fish were rising and feeding. We tried every fly we had and never got a strike. There was a caddis hatch most of the time.The men below us caught one fish and then gave up. It is a beautiful spot with lots of fish. Tough to wade!!!!!! See the rocks in the pictures. Take your stick if you go!!


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