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Jack C. Mauer has more than a thirty year investment in fishing, floating and wading the waters of western Montana. He is intimately acquainted with the surrounding fisheries and their corresponding ecologies. It is his passion and enthusiasm for the art of fly fishing, a respect and knowledge of trout habitat, and the ability to expertly instruct the technical aspects of fly fishing that clients appreciate as they return to western Montana and Wapiti Waters. Contact Jack at 800-254-5311.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fly fishing the Bitterroot on a cold day in May

Jack took me, Merle, fishing the other day. When we have time, we try to get out and fish together. I don't row the boat except in slower pike water -- there are too many hazards and I am just not skilled enough yet. So, when Jack fishes, we pull over and wade fish. On this day, we had plenty of opportunities, plenty of hatches, plenty of fish and maybe a little too much "W" (wind). At the end of the day, we were really glad we braved the cold temperatures and fished the beautiful middle Bitterroot. After all, it is our "backyard."

See the slideshow for more photos.


  1. When Jack takes me in the boat, there are a lot more photos taken! I love it.


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